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I didn't know what aircraft you operated so here's a 707 and a DC9. Hope you like it!


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In Topic: (Livery Request) Driftwood Airlines

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do you have a logo by chance? If you don't I can make one if you like.

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Yesterday, 02:01 PM

your plane might not show up because of political restrictions. or because the runway is too short for the aircraft. or the route is out of range for your aircraft.

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21 May 2022 - 01:18 PM

E2 jets added to airline empires:



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20 May 2022 - 02:36 PM

Group B  |  Fly Kuwait  |  Kuwait International Airport (KWI)



Fly Kuwait was founded in 1988 by a British millionaire who owned a bank in Kuwait City. But after a few years of general route fleet expansion the country of Iraq invaded Kuwait. During the Gulf War; Fly Kuwait suffered substantially as all flights were grounded. But after the war ended another airline called Air Kuwait had collapsed and they sold to Fly Kuwait for about $18 million dollars. The airline after that continued to grow and grow till it had a fleet of about 100 aircraft. The airline also grew to be the second largest airline in Kuwait (Behind the flag-carrier Kuwait International Airlines). But in 2020 with the pandemic the airline faced may tough choices particularly with routes to China. So Fly Kuwait closed all flights to Shanghai and Beijing. And then January of 2022 saw the airline open flights to Canada and to New York City. And now they plan on expanding to Chicago and order 10 787-8s. 



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Fleet specs:

12x Airbus A318

24x Airbus A319

46x Airbus A320

30x A321NEO

22x 767-200ER


General Branding:

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