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Issues I've Posted

    BE Able to organise stopovers in certain countries.

    Posted 18 May 2020

    It would be nice to be able to have a feature were you can stop over in certain places. For example n the route BOG-SYD there is plenty of demand but it ixs just outside of the range of the A340s that i operate. If i were to be able to stop off at DXB or another point halfway then i could have flown the route. I'm sure many other airlines have had their profitability  limited due to this.

    MD 90-50 production starting at. an invalid date

    Posted 11 May 2020

    the MD90-50 and the MD90-30ER start production on "October 0" which does not exist. please fix.

    Share an airline as a group

    Posted 7 Apr 2020

    It would be a nice feature to be able to have more than two players controlling the airline.

    Icons not rendering correctly in firefox

    Posted 7 Apr 2020

    In firefox the images never rendered correctly in any of my airlines. Tried in safari and chrome as well, but to no avail. even internet explorer and microsoft edge could not render these images.