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The big ol'e database of weebs

12 November 2017 - 03:58 AM

Seeing recent posts on this beautiful forum, I have decided to make this database. The people listed in here were added based on my own judgements on who truly is a weeb and who is not a weeb. My goal with this database is to make a nice and public list both for non-weebs and weebs alike. For the weebs who feel lonely, it is a resource to find users who are also weebs so they won't feel lonely anymore. For any non-weebs, it should be seen as a resource for who to avoid for their weeb tendencies. And if you feel like this is not a good example to set, do not worry. I am a weeb myself.


Marb1 is a weeb

FlyAndCrash is a weeb

Pingpongball722 is a weeb

Pacific is a weeb

Denver is a weeb

Le Pastiche is a weeb

Canaeda is a weeb

Ginger Ross is a possible weeb


Feel free to add to this list as it goes on.