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Issues I've Posted

    R0 Painfully slow

    Posted 15 Jun 2015

    The R0 server is painfully slow!



    A321 lack of engine options

    Posted 30 May 2014

    The A321 does not feature the full range of thrust offerings.

    Concorde Runway Length

    Posted 29 Jan 2012

    i dont think Concorde's runway length is 10,000+ feet

    i dont have plain evedence of this but i do know that Concorde ust to be used for flights out of leeds bradford (7,382) and Newcastle Airport (7,641 ft) whisle fully loaded, please change the runway requirments :P

    aircraft not available

    Posted 13 Dec 2011


    when i went onto the used aircraft page i went to lease a concord and it said this aircraft isnt available anymore or somthing like that, so i went back and leased another, now ive got both the aircraft (concords) and its left me in a bit of a financial situation