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06 March 2020 - 08:12 PM


Welcome to SkyStars.

            Hi! InterUrban/RailFinch here. A day or two ago, I discovered SkyPas, the now long dead AE airline rating service, and found it really cool. So, I decided someone ought to fill the gap, and I made SkyStars. I've been stuck at home for the last week, so I have worked on this for a few days.



            Right now, just myself. However I do plan on adding new personnel if we grow, right now I want to focus on getting rating done, before we expand into blogs and lounges  ;) .




           Skystars is similar to SkyTrax and SkyPas in its ratings. We do not require that your airline be active in the game part of AE, but we to require it to be in the gallery, and have a Logo and livery. To be rated, you must apply in a google form on the website, and we suggest that you put in your discord for easier contact, however it is not required. Once you have submitted and been contacted for more info, we will either approve or reject you.

            If you are approved, you will become a member airline, featured on our airlines page. A rating is done every quarter, and new airlines are rated upon entry. Details about your rating will be taken from the description of your airline, so make it good, and realistic. 

           Also, every quarter there are three awards given out to the airline with the best fleet, the airline with the best service and passenger experience, the most upcoming airline, and the best airline of that quarter. If your airline receives the best airline of the quarter award, they will be nominated for the yearly award, the Skyleader award, the highest honor SkyStars gives.


Website: https://skystrs.weebly.com/
(Google form is on website)

For now we are hosted on Weebly.