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Why gvgch deserves a medal

20 April 2020 - 05:08 PM

I deserve a medal cause I do ok

Town of salem

20 April 2020 - 05:06 PM

Anyone here play Town of salem?

AS6 or Skyforce+envir

20 April 2020 - 05:05 PM

I have skyforce but I want to know is it any different from skyforce with environment force

AE login bug on firefox

20 April 2020 - 09:47 AM

I login using my home wifi.. and I type my log in credentials in


and then it sometimes logs me in and then logs me out immediately if i click anything

or it just refreshes and never logs me in

Which is better? Spamming multiple a320s or 1 747

20 April 2020 - 08:56 AM

So which is more efficient,


suppose a route had 700 pax demands,

Is spamming like 10 a320s or 3 high seated 747s