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2020 Private Aircraft Challenge

28 April 2020 - 07:59 PM

Hello all,


I hope you're doing well and that confinement is not boring you out of your minds, but if so, I got the perfect answer:




The 2020 Private Aircraft Challenge!


As usual, there are a few rules:

  • One entry per challenger
  • Must be an original design
  • Aircraft displayed must be owned by a private entity, or used for private usage : let's say you're a Canadian rapper leasing a 767, that's ok. But no government aircraft or company aircraft.
  • Any time period, any country, everything else is up to you.
  • In this situation, bigger isn't necessarily better. I don't want to see a flock of A380s, a Piper Cub might win too, who knows!


Designs will arbitrarily and subjectively be graded by myself and a friend not participating in this forum on:

  • Originality /10 - the design must be your own as much as possible, and differ from the crowd as much as possible
  • Presentation /10 - everything besides your aircraft, the way it is presented, its backstory maybe, anecdotes, juggling bears, doesn't have to be based on your mad photoshop skills, everyone can score high points here
  • Customisation /10 - An off the shelf aircraft isn't much fun to look at. The sky's the limit here. Customise your designs however you want, effects, shine, chrome, gadgets, waterbeds, pop-corn machine
  • Wow factor /3 - a bonus category that can make a difference in the end, based on the overall submission

You must submit your designs by noon Central European Summer Time (CEST - UTC +2) on Sunday the 10th, and hopefully we will be able to judge the entries and the results will be available in the following days.


Take inspiration wherever you can, look at the header picture, take you time to rework your entry, and don't forget to enter S K Y's World's Ugliest Colour Challenge and Fastball621's 2020 Balkans and Greece Design Challenge.


Please don't "reserve" a space, forget about it and then never post anything, it's pointless and ridiculous frankly, but still feel free to discuss here.


Good luck to everyone, I hope to see some great submissions!


2020 less than 50 seats Design Challenge

12 April 2020 - 09:32 PM

Hello all!


Keeping in line with БобСоветскийшфид☭'s cargo brand & 1950s challenge, I propose another one with the theme "less than 50 seats". The goal here is to showcase the community's creativity, hopefully having people use templates only seldom displayed in the gallery :)


Just a few rules:

  • One Airline Per Competitor
  • Must be an original design (no recycling! Greta is unhappy!)
  • Aircraft used must be configured with less than 50 seats
  • Any time period, any country, everything else is up to you.

Designs will arbitrarily and subjectively be graded on

  • Originality
  • Cohesiveness
  • Quality of execution

You must submit your designs by noon Central European Summer Time (CEST - UTC +2) on Saturday the 18th, and hopefully I will be able to judge the entries and the results will be available the next day.


Enjoy, and thanks to БобСоветскийшфид☭ for letting me steal his idea!


Design challenge - Tropical summer

21 June 2019 - 09:04 AM

Hello all,

With summer (and lucky you, maybe even a holiday) just around the corner, why not launch a good old challenge? No prize, no jury, just some good old livery creation with a theme : tropical summer.

It can be a regular tropical themed livery (like Hawaiian or Air Tahiti Nui), or a special livery, or whatever you deem good, I'm not your mom.

If you have a design to submit, just post it here, maybe even with a little background or some explanations regarding your creation process, inspiration etc.

No rules, but please use common sense, and feel free to post constructive criticism on others' work.

Let us feel the summer vibes!