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Emirates operates to Israel from the UAE irl, but you can't in this game

21 February 2022 - 05:29 PM

Small thing I've noticed.

Also, the demand from Dubai to the other airports outside of the ones that Emirates operates to seems unrealistically low. San Diego - Dubai only has 123 weekly demand? That seems a bit low, but idk

A321LR and B777-300/300ER stat tweaks?

30 December 2021 - 12:33 AM

We have more information on the A321LR aircraft now, and something about that range/takeoff distance in-game just doesn't sit well with me. There is little reason to use the A321LR over the A321NEO except for that runway distance, but... come on, really?

According to some real-world info:

Range: 4000nm (4603 miles)


In game it has around 4000 miles of range, hardly making it better than the A321NEO tbh.


Takeoff distance: A321NEO at sea level at MTOW of 220,000lb (A321LR has a MTOW of 214,000lb, so just keep in mind that the A321LR actually has a shorter takeoff run): ~9100ft

(At 214,000lb the takeoff distance is ~8250 feet)

Here's the thing though: These planes are flying passengers, not cargo. Passenger airliners typically don't get that close to MTOW unless you're running mega spamline + free checked bags or something.

Oh, and on that topic:

A 777-300ER at MTOW from a runway at sea level has a 10,000ft takeoff roll, at half MTOW it has an under 5000 ft takeoff roll. Can someone adjust the 777-300/300ER takeoff distances? Those planes are practically unusable in-game unless you're flying between a handful of airports due to their insane runway requirements.

A321NEO takeoff charts: https://www.airbus.c...characteristics (A321NEO Dec 2021, page 163)
B777-300 takeoff charts: https://www.boeing.c.../777_2lr3er.pdf (Page 52)

The angriest airport

10 November 2021 - 02:44 AM

Grand Rapids, MI

Why does nobody use the A310-300?

18 October 2021 - 02:06 AM

It's got 757-300 capacity with up to 5500 mile range - it's literally a B757-300ER.

It's great for routes from 3300 miles - 5500 miles with under 200 daily demand, and can also work as a high-capacity domestic aircraft as well.

Tl;dr it's literally a 757-300 with extra range that nobody uses for whatever reason.

What is your favorite aircraft-airport combination?

15 October 2021 - 09:24 PM

Let me explain: there are some airports that are either runway limited or... well, in this case, just runway limited. I.e. Burbank has a ~6800 ft long runway, which prevents most widebodies from operating there. However, the B767-200ER, with the right runways, is an aircraft that perfectly matches the demand at BUR on long haul flights, therefore, that is a good "aircraft-airport combination"

Another example can be the A380 and LAX; the two go together very well.