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    707-120 Picture Nit-Pick

    Posted 22 May 2016

    I know this is a nitpick, but the aircraft used in the photo for the 707-120 is technically a C-137B, though it used to be a VC-137B.

    Problem with fuel cost calculation

    Posted 11 May 2016

    There is a problem in the fuel cost calculation.


    I have two types of aircraft on my SFO-ORD route.

    The 707-120 has a fuel flow of 34,720 and a fuel cost per leg of 61,760.

    The DC 8-61 has a fuel flow of 35,360 and a fuel cost per leg of 57,736


    Call me crazy, but I would think that the aircraft with the lower fuel flow should have the lower fuel cost.

    Flaw in DAL political restrictions

    Posted 31 Aug 2014

    In R0 there is a flaw in the DAL political restriction.

    Once you establish a route conforming to the DAL restrictions limiting long flights to aircraft that can carry 56 passengers or fewer, one can swap out the aircraft for a larger one that does not meet the restrictions. For example, I had established a route between DAL and SEA with a Martin 4-0-4 40 seats, and later changed it for a DC-10-40 399 seats.

    Aircraft swap on route not updated.

    Posted 27 Aug 2014

    Occasionally when I swap out an aircraft on a route the revenue an cost numbers are not updated.

    As in the example attached. I swapped a 747-200C for a 707-320C and the R/T Profit remained the same.

    This seems to happen about every 1 in 8 swaps.

    Airport NQN Nequen - Presidente Peron wrong location

    Posted 17 Aug 2012

    Airport NQN Nequen - Presidente Peron, is showing as being located about 300mi off Long Island New York. It looks like the latitude is listed as north rather than south.