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[CHALLENGE] World's Ugliest Colour

23 April 2020 - 07:24 AM

Hello there.


I've just returned to AE, and I'm very happy to see the logo and livery department is as lively as ever.

I especially notice that challenges have been a new trend lately, and I really think it's a good idea to keep all of us occupied whilst being isolated at home due to the pandemic.


The challenges so far are put into categories like aircraft types (cargo, less than 50 pax), or situations (1950's, East Asia, Balkans, the upcoming AEAD). So, I think, why not making a challenge based on the design elements.


Thus, I come with this:









The colour above is called 'Opaque Couche'It's been voted as the world's ugliest colour by smokers in Australia, and has been used as the colour for plain tobacco and cigarette packaging in Australia, France, the UK, Israel, Norway, New Zealand, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey in hope to deter smokers from smoking due to the association of this colour to "dirty", "death", and "tar".


I personally also associate this colour with "vomit", "toxic waste", and "excrement".



The Challenge:


Implement this particular colour as a principal element in your logo and livery design.





1. Contestant can be individual or collective (group)

2. Each contestant can only submit one design set, that includes one logo and one livery.

3. The colour mentioned above must make at least 30% of the overall design.

4. No limitations of time period, country, etc. It's completely free.

5. Because contestant slot is not limited, and to help me noticing should there is a new post in this thread, reservation is strictly prohibited. Making reservation will result in automatic elimination from this challenge.





- Idea & Originality: Is it new design? Is it just a copy of something? What is the inspiration? Wow factor?

- Quality of Execution: How clean is your design? I have a masking tutorial to help you here.

- Cohesiveness: Do the elements in your design work well together? The font? The aircraft? 





Submission to this challenge will be closed on Friday, May 1st18.00 (GMT+7)You can then proceed to join Boing's AEAD 2020 challenge that is starting at that time.





Results will be announce a few days after the submission deadline, complete with scoring table and judge's comments. Winners will have all the bragging rights of his/her capability of making world's ugliest colour beautiful.



End note:


The colour Opaque Couche is often confused with Pantone 448 C, that is a darker, more brownish hue of the colour. To avoid this confusion, please use the colour attached in this thread only.

HEX: #5b4b15

RGB: 91, 75, 21

CMYK: 0%, 18%, 77%, 64%

HSV: 46°, 77%, 36%

HSL: 46°, 63%, 22%