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In Topic: What are the red push pins in the routes page for? How do you use them?

24 December 2020 - 08:53 AM

Some help would be appreciated.  Thanks.



They sticky the route to the top of the page.


If you add an aircraft to the route and need to add more later or just want to keep an eye on it due to competition simple click the red pin and it will be there for you.


hope that helps.



In Topic: Alliance passengers

16 December 2020 - 08:35 PM

How much of a discount?


You get 50% for transfer / connecting  pax.

In Topic: Concorde fuel flow

20 November 2020 - 08:42 AM

Concorde used about the same amount of fuel as a 747 when doing LHR-JFK, the fuel flow in the game is crazy for example the A340-300 which uses less fuel than the A330-300.

In Topic: What was the best airplane seat you've ever flown in

31 October 2020 - 04:20 PM

The best [that I've had] seat was Club class when I flew with BA back from Sydney to London on a 777-300ER. 



In Topic: Boeing 2707

07 June 2020 - 08:15 PM

This thread was last posted in 1 year ago in 2019, there is no chance of this aircraft being added to the game, yet you're still going on?

removed not added :-), most posts are from a year ago it was on the first page. BTW it was about the comment the data manager made about fictional aircraft.