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    PVL Pikeville - Pike County

    Posted 7 Aug 2016

    At the moment it's located in the middle of nowhere in Gobi desert, it should be in Kentucky.


    I think coordinates 37° 32" North 82° 32" East have just one screw-up, longitude East instead of West.

    A300-600R picture

    Posted 14 Jul 2016

    The current pic looks very blurry and gloomy and yellow and not so professional, how about replacing it with one of these? :)

    (the first is my favorite)






    A318 (-100) naming

    Posted 13 Jul 2016

    Just a minor thing.


    Like some other models like 717-200 that had actually had only one version ever produced, shouldn't it be consistent to use the A318's full designation like for other models in AE, so it would be A318-100?

    (KHN / ZSCN) Nanchang - Changbei runway

    Posted 26 Mar 2016

    It's extended to 3,400 m / 11,155 ft.

    (ARH / ULAA) Arkhangelsk - Talagi misspelled

    Posted 26 Mar 2016

    City name misspelled as Akhangelsk.