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    YTD Profit Margin not calculated

    Posted 29 May 2012


    Minor bug in the financial details as described in the subject...

    No Alliance Membership showing in Route Details - Competition Summary

    Posted 29 May 2012


    In any route details page, i.e. for any two cities, the Competition Summary screen has a column for "Alliance", but the corresponding logo does not display.

    This would be helpful in route planning, particularly as alliances expand, to understand hub feed potential.

    Gate Leasing Charges: Both During & End of Month?

    Posted 20 May 2012

    Having trouble reconciling the financials of the past month and the script that processes them runs behind the scenes...

    On my end-of-month P&L, I show getting hit with $4.1M in gate leasing (http://ae31.airline-...com/finance.php - June '80) yet on the gate leasing tab, it shows my total monthly expenses to be $2.6M.

    Anecdotally, on the monthly anniversary, I did see the cash flow hit for, ostensibly, the gate leases being paid, but now as of the turn of the month, I got hit again. Is this a bug? Or is this something that I don't understand about actual gate leasing costs, i.e. if there was a way to understand what costs hit on a given day (beyond airplane leases), that would be ideal.


    Airline News Announcements for Alliance Memberships

    Posted 20 May 2012

    Severity: Minor

    Page: http://ae31.airline-...es.com/main.php - "Airline News" tab

    Description: In the news listing of activity by airlines in the game, e.g. hub openings, airplane leases, etc. airlines who join alliances are not listed. The announcement is posted as "has joined Alliance X", i.e. there is a space where the name of the joining airline should be.

    <div class="news" style="width:100%;"><div class="airnews"><a href="playerinfo.php?world=ae3r3&player=389"></a> has joined <a href="allianceview.php?world=ae3r3&id=13">Panda Alliance</a>.</div></div>

    Expected Function: The announcement should post as "Airline y has joined Alliance X" with the appropriate anchor tag on the airline to click through to the given airline's page (http://ae31.airline-...=ae3r3&player=x).

    <div class="news" style="width:100%;"><div class="airnews"><a href="playerinfo.php?world=ae3r3&player=389">AIRLINE NAME</a> has joined <a href="allianceview.php?world=ae3r3&id=13">Panda Alliance</a>.</div></div>

    Purchased Terminal = Removal of Existing Hub

    Posted 28 Feb 2011

    If you have a hub established at an airport, are currently leasing gates, and subsequently purchase an existing terminal (Cross-Country just had a fire sale), the hub status is removed and you need to reestablish a hub for a fee.

    If this is intended behavior, please say so in the terminal purchasing section of the Wiki. If it's not, it's a bug.