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    Positioning error with Taif Regional (TIF/OETF)

    Posted 9 Aug 2014

    Taif Regional Airport in Saudia Arabia is positioned in the wrong place on AE. The airport should be at position N 21 28 46.30  E 40 33 07.65 however it is currently situated around 20 miles North West from it's actual position.

    lost money

    Posted 30 Jul 2012

    not sure what went wrong here but when i took delivery of a leased aircraft i had over $1,000,000 but after the aircraft was delivered i noticed i had a cash balance of -$19,000,00 its like when i leased the aircraft it has charged me for a brand new aircraft. i have no other explanation for it as i checked my finaces and i wasn't due to pay anything for at least another week.