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In Topic: political restrictions

12 December 2018 - 01:38 PM

So  I have this problem where my home country is in Egypt. But now at this point I am having issues finding flights to other airports outside of Egypt, because of political restrictions. Does making a hub affect these political restrictions, or does it not. I really am at a dead end in this airline, because political restrictions are keeping me from adding new routes. I bought a new aircraft and when I wanted to fly it. I couldn't find a route that allowed me to do it, because there were political restrictions. I ultimately ended up selling the aircraft, because It would make me bankrupt if I just left it sitting there, and it not bringing in any income.

In Topic: Keys to a Successful Airline

18 November 2018 - 10:06 PM

I started playing this game  a long time ago and the airline I just started is the only one that is actually making me profit. I did a lot of unrealistic things in order to lower what I have to pay every month. Because the reason your money is going into the negatives is because of your monthly payments. First of all I changed all my employees to 7 dollars an hour. I will raise that when my airline gets bigger. So now I am not paying 500000 a month to pay for them. Also I am only leasing cheap gates for routes that give me good daily profit. The most expensive thing that you pay for each month is the operating costs of your airplane. With the airbus you had. Each in game month you were probably paying a few million to operate the aircraft. When you start off with a plane like that make sure that you use a calculator to take the daily profit and see how much you are making a month with it. Then subtract all your monthly fees. If the result is a positive number then you are fine and won't go into bankruptcy. If it is in the negatives you need to find a way to get it into the positives because otherwise your airline will fall out of the sky in no time.