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[ACCEPTED] VolSpain-Redrado

17 August 2019 - 04:14 PM

Name: Redrado

Airline: Volspain

Logo & Livery:

Attached File  4EB65625-CF6C-4799-B78B-B948E1605419.png   1008.01KB   2 downloads

Attached File  8BB6E4D6-FA8C-4937-98FB-2DA5370292C6.png   688.54KB   1 downloads

Regional livery:

Attached File  7E2D27A6-D0D4-45D7-B919-CB3E5736D40B.png   663.97KB   3 downloads

Usual Worlds: N/A

Reputation %: N/A

Alliances you are in currently: N/A

Why do you want to join venture?:

First of all, Namika Pm’d me if I’d like to... that was very tempting and I could say no!! Secondly, venture has always looked like a great, active, helpful alliance which is something I really need and like. I want to grow up and learn form the best creators!

Note: I’ll have more subsidiaries to come soon.