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The Virgin Group

25 October 2009 - 08:15 PM

Hi there,

Im current CEO of The Virgin Group and am pleased to be with you for this first press release.:)

The Virgin Group is the 2nd largest allience in Sim2 and plans to head to the top, transporting 131,051 passengers a day to 255 destinations in 5 continents including Europe, America, S.America, Africa and Asia and with plans to expand to Australia to make us the only allience flying too all continents from our 7 and increasing Hubs.

Some quick facts,

Our Members:

Trans European, a fantastic airline with hubs at Milan Malpensa, Stockholm Arlanda and its base Paris Charles-De-Gaulle. Focus Cities: Houston, Los Angles and Washington Dulles.

Cross Air, Our US specialist with hubs at Orlando Int, Chicago O Hare and San Diego your North American travel requests are covered and has connections to Asia, a brilliant airline. Focus Cities: Boston, Detroit, Newark, Hong Kong and Toronto

Jet Express, This London based airline has just one Hub at London's Heathrow airport and focuses on European and long haul, connecting every major European City through its hub and focus city airport, London Gatwick, and 4 continents with frequant daily flights to Atlanta^, Doha, Dubai, Sao Paulo*, Hong Kong^, Tokyo, New York (JFK)^, Johannesburg, Lagos, Orlando Int* and Chicago'O'Hare* your Long Distance requirements are met and connections are easy too with the partners in this allience as most flights are into the Hubs or Focus City.

Virgin Connect, Its in the name! Connecting you from the big cities and hubs to drop you on your doorstep! From Cancun to Cardiff they have you covered.
Hubs: London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Manchester, Edinburgh.
Focus Cities: Atlanta`, Ft. Lauderdale`, Tokyo, New York(JFK)`, Orlando Int` and San Francisco.

Virgin Sun, Our sunshine holiday connection! They take you to where the sun shines bright.
Main Hub: Madrid
Focus Cities: Athens and Mexico City

Varig The South American specialist. Connecting many major cities from its hub at Sao Paulo Guarulhos theres only one choice when flying in this continent. Intercontinental services include; Miami, London Heathrow and Johannesburg.

Virgin CityFlying in Europe and the USA Virgin City has the aim to connect every major city from its hubs at Frankfurt, Munich and Houston.

As you can see we are a formiddable team but are looking for more partners to add to this. If you consider yourself a unique airline or have a major hub in any continent but especially Africa, Asia and Australia you are guareenteed acceptence. We are a friendly bunch and are willing to offer advice and such...

I hope to update this soon with new hubs and destinations!:airplane

*Denotes Allience Hub
^Denotes Allience Focus City

Couple of questions from relative noob

05 January 2009 - 05:18 PM

Hi there,

Love the allience(sp?) feature. Do we know when a Group map of the airlines will be avalible? Maybe have different colours for different airlines?

Is there/will there be a feature to buy planes from other players?

Will there be a reset?

Thanks. ;)