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Possible Hijack?

25 April 2014 - 07:34 AM



Aircraft on the ground in DPS





AE War of the World Fantasy

14 March 2014 - 04:58 PM



I started to feel playing O1 like a science fiction movies of epic alien invasion or high tech future colossal war scenario. So might as well dramatized the game with a fantasy story, let's see how it goes. In this fantasy war, instead scrambling fighter jets, it would be an airliners fight with three category of weapon, F-class, C-class, and Y-class. Bear with me, and no offense intended, just for an alternative fun in this open world ;)






The year is 1998, an alien invasion has just began on Earth. Two alien mother-ships from planet Dominion have landed and began occupation on Earth. The first, Mother-ship Bravo along with a fleet of 6,000 aircrafts have occupied 1,165 cities, while the second, Mother-ship Alpha with 1,000 aircrafts occupied another 150 cities. The alien fleets have established 1,500 hub installation that serves as concentration camps, to process 18 million people they abducted everyday, extracting earth's most valuable resources, $.


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On the first line of earth's defense against alien occupation, Star Alliance was formed. Out-numbered by a very large gap, Star Alliance continue to fight the losing battle, with 300 rehabilitation centers reclaimed 8 million abductees everyday. The legend said that the ancestor of Planet Dominion, has leak the secret of the domination. It's the only key to resist the alien occupation. And this is the story of the war, from the point of view of Air Marshal Revan Amadeus, Commander of Star Alliance 7th and 8th Fleet. 


(to be continued)


P.S. Star Alliance leader please step up, other wise I will have to create new one to rally the rebel :P

P.S.S Active commanders, please enlist your fleet

A Nice Trick in O1

06 March 2014 - 05:30 AM

Seems like a nice hubbing strategy, creating ghost demand.




City Frequency Daily Seats Daily Demand Average Ticket Prices Market Information

(BRS) Bristol 180 / week     4,629 Y 4 F 22 C 161 Y     $650 Y Research



Amadeus Group Update

13 December 2013 - 06:06 PM

So the world is coming to an end very soon, and I enjoy playing in this world so much.Top three in valuation should be secured to the end of game, hopefully. And also top three reputation looks like a done deal.


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Kudos to AE Developers and Administration who provide us a conducive environment to conduct successful airline business, also thanks to our biggest suppliers Airbus and Boeing who provide us with amazing aircrafts, but the biggest appreciation goes to our loyal and die-hard passenger who bear with us and keep flying with us, thank you we are nothing without all of you.


In this round of R-delta, we have the opportunity to replicate AirAsia airline franchise with 7 airlines. 

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We also have the joy to create some quality airlines:

TAM Linhas Aéreas

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TAM airline was created as a truly quality airline right from the beginning under supervision of Tintinfan. Using real airline seat config, this is really a challenging airline to grow, but thanks to less saturated South American market we manage to rise to top spot in term of reputation.


Asiana Airlines

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Asiana is our very first endeavor in quality airlines, inspired by the real airline that named Skytrax Best Airline for several consecutive years. The popular choice of aircraft of the real airline make us enjoy playing this airline very much. We also take pride in the first acceptance to Globe Alliance, celebrated through one of our alliance logo jet.

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Virgin Pacific

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Virgin Pacific is an imaginary quality airline based in Hong Kong. We take pride as the only airline that exclusively operate 747, right from the very first -100 in which we have SkyLounge for our First Class passenger, to the exotic -SP which enable us to fly further in the 80s and in 2020 we keep these aircrafts in VIP config flying royals and dignitaries around the globe. Our most favorite, no doubt is the -400 which is the main work horse of our fleet, in spacious layout of 9 First Class, 46 Business Class, and 324 Travel Class, continued by the latest flagship -8i with 10% improvement in fuel burn. In addition to scheduled pax service, we also convert some of our older 747 to cargo and provide world class logistic solutions to 6 continents. We know it's the end of an era for queen of the sky, and as our business model is centered around having single type operation, we can see ourselves in the future flying the boring twin engine tube 777. So It's good to have the world ended before we have to  send our last queen to scrapyard.


In addition to the aforementioned airline, we did try manage Garuda Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic and El Al. All in all it has been a wonderful game world and can't wait to see it ends. Not that I'm in rush to start another delta world, but in future I don't see playing the game in this scale again. So yes it's kinda relief to see it ends, right before the holiday season. So, Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas AE, God bless! :D


Revan Amadeus

Group CEO, Amadeus Inc.

Competitive Profitability Analysis

21 October 2013 - 11:43 AM



I'm looking for an AE Expert to perform competitive profitability analysis on one of my airline in R-delta. If you have a good framework to perform the task, or even have the slightest idea of what it is, please contact me.