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    Market share goes to multiples

    Posted 28 Oct 2011

    So, on DFW-ATL right now, airlines have 1500% and 1400% market share :giggle:


    Airport data issues - enplanements vs total passengers

    Posted 26 Oct 2011

    OK, I think I see the issue we're running into, after some investigation. Airline Empires appears to use total passenger traffic to rank and list airports, not enplanements.

    However, the FAA only provides enplanement data.

    The only source of "total passenger traffic" that I can find is the ACI, and their full report costs 500 euros! http://www.aci.aero/...47^2003_725_2__

    Otherwise, only the top 30 airports have ACI information publicly available. http://www.airports....5-10812_666_2__

    For U.S. airports, I think doubling enplanement data will provide the best rough estimate that we can come up with.

    Master List: Airports with Incorrect Passenger Count

    Posted 26 Oct 2011

    This post will contain a list of U.S. airports with known incorrect passenger counts.

    Data is based on one of two sources:

    Airports Council International 2010 Total Passenger Count - http://www.airports....5-10812_666_2__ - for the airports for which that is available

    FAA 2010 Enplanement Data - http://www.faa.gov/a...nplanements.pdf - doubled, for all other airports.

    Differences of a couple thousand here and there are ignored... only focusing on the airports that are significantly off by large percentages.

    ATL - Atlanta - should be 89,331,622
    ORD - Chicago O'Hare - should be 66,774,738
    LAS - Las Vegas - should be 39,757,359
    SFO - San Francisco - should be 39,253,999
    PHX - Phoenix - should be 38,554,215
    CLT - Charlotte - should be 38,254,207
    ROA - Roanoke - should be 632,956 - (this is a high priority, because it's currently in-game at well over 5 million!)

    CRW airport - too many pax

    Posted 25 Oct 2011

    Charleston, West Virginia - CRW, Yeager Airport... listed as over 2 million passengers. Actual 2010 enplanements were 264,000.

    FSD airport pax incorrect

    Posted 25 Oct 2011

    FSD - Sioux Falls Regional Airport, listed as 1.4 million - should be 385,000, per stats on the airport Web site.


    -your friendly "developing a route to just about every airport in North America" Airline Empires user :)