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Roleplay Tutorials

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Creating A Roleplay

If you are just getting started in this part of the woods let me show you how to keep your posts organised:

1. Foundations Of The Roleplay.

Firstly you need to create a topic in the forum stating your idea. Your title should be like this:

[OOC] My Roleplay Name

The [OOC] tag states that you are currently posting out of character, i.e. a normal post. Next thing to do is post the background story of your roleplay. It should be a nice length with all the necessary background information that will help other characters adapt to your story line. Something like this is good enough:

300 years ago a terrible war broke out between factions in the human race. The Covenant and the New Liberation Front declared war on each other and mayhem ensued. As a result of this war the planet was divided.

Brothers fought brothers, fathers fought sons, mothers fought daughters. It was a ferocious battle and within months humans had paid a bloody cost. The population was devastated. It only took four months for everyone to realise that it must be ended right now. On the 22nd May 2345 the Loracan pact was signed and the war ended. since then peace has been maintained and people lived their lives normally.

Now in they year 2650 tensions have begun to rise and it four people from the two different factions are the only people who can stop war breaking out once again

2. Gathering The Characters.

Now you need to gather characters for your roleplay. You can do this by stating all the roles players can take in a list like so:

  • Male 1: Taken by conor
  • Male 2: Open
  • Female 1: Taken by Yuxi
  • Female 2: Open

It also helps if you include a character skeleton. This is a basic template with which each member must fill out if they wish to take a character in your roleplay. The skeleton may look something like this.

  • Character Name:
  • Age:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Equipment:
  • Favourite Items:
  • Theme Tune:

Of course you can change this however you want to it to be.

3. Starting The Roleplay

Now once you have all the characters you need you can go ahead and start your roleplay! all you need to do is make sure that your title stars with the IC tag like this:

[IC]My Roleplay

Now you can begin posting!

Good Luck :)


Replying To A Roleplay

So if you are playing a character in a roleplay sometimes it can be hard to understand what is going on. This simple skeleton will give you a guideline on how to make it easier for everyone to read your replies.

[Your Character Name Goes Here In Bold]

[Your Post Goes Here Not In Bold]

Thats it, that is how you should reply to a roleplay.

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