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Interview with the CEO of Sed Avaition

Upington, 16.06.2007
The "Flight Magazine International" did a short interview with Sed Jamero, the CEO from Sed Aviation. Sed Aviation started to operate in the south-african market about two years ago and counts to the fastest growing airlines this year.

Flight Magazine International (FMI):
Welcome Mr. Jamero, just for a quick start: How would you describe your airline in short words ?

Sed Jamero (SJ):
Hello. So, in short words ? Hmm, thats not so easy (laughing), so I would say we are a small service oriented airline with a the main focus on the african market. We grew up the last two years to a well known market share in south africa and want to expand our operations to the whole african continent within the next 2 years.

FMI: You said to a well known market share in south africa. How big is it at the moment ?

SJ: I dont know the exact numbers by heart, but we are doing well and we are counting to the top 5 airlines in south africa.

FMI: Top 5 after 2 years ?

SJ: We are talking about the market share in south africa not about the company value, yes we reached the top 5 in this share.

FMI: Do you operate any hubs ?

SJ: We currently operate two hubs. One in Upington and one in Bujumbura.

FMI: Just to complete the facts, how many and which aircrafts you are operating and how about your financial background ?

SJ: At the moment we are operating 21 aircrafts, 11 of them are turboprop driven (Bombardier Q400, Fairchild/Dornier 328, Beech 1900D) and 10 are jet-powered (Embrair EMB 170 STD/LR, EMB 190 LR, Airbus A321-200). Our company value is about $536,000,000. We are growing fast and have a daily operating profit about $6,450,000. In result we are counting to the top 100 airlines since two month.

FMI: What do you think is the secret of this fast success within 2 years ?

SJ: I dont think its a secret, I think it is driven by the hard work all our employes do all the day. Our marketing research is very good, so before purchasing a new aircraft we already calculated the routes we wanted to fly with this aircraft in every detail and so we are able to start the new plane with a reasonable daily profit. The next fact for doing well is the service. Sure, a big part of the market is driven by ticket faires, but the people are willing to pay a bit more for a good service.

FMI: What do you exactly mean with a good service ?

SJ: We have the best catering and only good looking stewardesses (laughing) ...

FMI: Good looking stewardesses ?

SJ: Just a little joke. We do a lot of things for our costumers, we have cooperations with car rental companies, a really easy booking system with the ability to manage all your flights by your own via the internet, a good hotline which helps you out if you are not able to catch your flight. Things like that.

FMI: What are your plans for the near future ? Do you think about intercontinental flights ?

SJ: For the near future we are focused to get a better position in the african market and try to get our network connected with our partner airlines from the Tradewinds Alliance. Yes, we are thinking about intercontinental flights, but there are no exact plans for now.

FMI: Thanks Mr. Jamero that you found the time to talk with us.

SJ: I had to thank you, it was a pleasure.
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Upington, South Africa.
After 3 years of operation, Sed Jamero the CEO of Sed Aviation anounced today the order and delivery of another 20 Airbus A330-300 aircrafts and proudly presented the new intercontinental connections from the main hub N'Djamena to most of the major cities in Europe which had been setup in the last month.

Sed Aviation is one of the fastest growing airlines and just made it into the top 60 airlines with a daily operation profit of more than $34.000.000. More information can be found on the Tradewinds-Alliance Website: http://tradewindsall...lepages.com/sed
(Airline-ID 16521/Sim2)

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