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Roleplay Worlds

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Probably beating a dead horse




A lot of complaning about "spamliners" (as per usual) going on, so I thought: the Idea of making a few worlds that do not award valuation trophies could partially solve this.

It would remove the primary insetive of "spamlining" (p r o f i t). There could still be people who do it to troll, but less likely I assume.


And a default ranking in Reputation instead of valuation when bringing up the leaderboard (repuation trophies should still be awarded)


I believe it would be pretty easy to implement, but I'm not a programmer so IDK


World stats could be:


30 mins a day (more time to manage in detail)

1 airline per account

~ 200 airline slots


(yes this would be a very long game, IDK if that affects the servers or whatever)





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No long game. 1990-2020 sounds better. And 15 minutes per day are more doable. 

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