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North American Design Competition 2022

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Boeing Flight Simmer

Boeing Flight Simmer

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Hello all and welcome to the second annual North American Design Competition sponsored by Sierra Pacific. My name is Boeing Flight Simulator and I will be the host of this year's competition alongside Airplano21, DET and J.L. 747. We are happy to welcome you to this year's competition and hope you have as much fun designing as we did setting this up for you all. Now without further adieu we will get into the guidelines for this year's competition.


First off the changes from last year's competition.



  • Brands made after November 21st 2021 are eligible for entry, This will allow for a larger pool of entries (as after all there is a lot of room available for new or past brands to intermingle)

  • Auxiliary branding will now be a fundamental part of the submission contributing to the overall score of any submitted brands. This will now count for 10 points out of each submission.


Now onto categories, There will be four categories to this competition same as last year,

  • A. Full Service/Mainline Carriers (Ex. United, Air Canada)

  • B. Low Cost Carriers/Ultra Low Cost Carriers (Ex. Spirit, Frontier, Volaris)

  • C. Regional Airlines (Ex. Endevor, Air Wisconsin, Denver Air Connect)

  • D. Cargo and Charter Carriers (Ex. National, Polar, FedEx Express)


Entry Guidelines

Each Participant is limited to one entry per category. (No Reserving Space)

Entries must be from the modern era 1995-2022

Each entry must either be from scratch or posted on the gallery after November 21st 2021

All submissions must have a short lore post. 10-25 sentences

Participants must include a separated livery and logo, At least one piece of Auxiliary branding is also required but there is no cap on Auxiliary branding. Failure to include aux branding will be an immediate loss of 10 points. 

Credit sources ex. If you did not make your logo and it is found it is not your logo (without Credit) points will be docked from the final score. 

Entries must originate from the United States, Canada, Greenland, Burmuda, and Mexico. This includes Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Entries must follow this criteria

[Group] Airline Name] IATA, ICAO, CALLSIGN, HQ] Era of Submission:]

Example: [Group A] Northern Airlines] IATA: NO ICAO: NAS CALLSIGN: Northern HQ: Chicago IL] 2022 ]








Judging Criteria


Airlines will be judged off of the following,

Creativity, How does this airline stand out from the other competitors and how well does it fit into the chosen environment and group: 0/10

Design principles. How well executed is the brand and its overall design? 0/10

Logo and Branding Elements . How well is the logo and how well is the overall brand put together (Not counting livery kist logo and typeface) 0/5

Auxillary Branding. How well does it fit into its area or target audience, how well put together is examples provided for judging 0/10

Bio and Lore of airlines. Is it correct for the era? (1995/2022) 0/5


The score will be out of 50 


All submissions will be due by 12/2/2022 1:00AM UTC time


Happy Designing from the NADC 2 panel!



Boeing 777-236ER

Boeing 777-236ER


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Group B | Texjet [TJ] [TXJ] | ICAO: LONGHORN | HQ: Austin-Bergstrom Airport, Texas | Livery 2018


Texjet is a premium low-cost carrier with its headquarters in downtown Austin, Texas.

Formed in 1999, the airline initially operated a small fleet consisting of 737-300 aircraft operating regional routes within the state of Texas. The airline acquired 757-200 aircraft in 2004 and began transcontinental operations across the United States, as well as routes into Canada and Mexico as well as the Caribbean. In 2007, Texjet announced a large order of over 80 737NG aircraft, comprised of the 800 and 900 variants. Texjet announced a codeshare and interlining agreement with Emirati lowcost airline Marhaba in 2019, with Marhaba launching a DXB-JFK-IAH triangle route.  Following the grounding of the 737 MAX in 2019, the airline was forced to lease up to 30 737-800 aircraft to cover for the fleet losses suffered. 


Texjet's current livery incorporates the Texas Longhorn, an iconic symbol of Texas and the face of the brand since its launch. 


The airline operates hubs at Austin-Bergstrom, Houston Intercontinental, Dallas-Love Field and San Antonio airports. 


Current fleet (as of November 2022)


  • 36 Boeing 737-871
  • 37 Boeing 737-971ER
  • 51 Boeing 737 MAX 8
  • 6 Boeing 737 MAX 9
  • 21 Boeing 757-271
  • 11 Boeing 757-371




ginervra the 737 MAX 8

ginervra the 737 MAX 8

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Group 2 | Magical Airlines [M6/MAX] | ICAO: MAGICAL ONE | HQ: Baltimore, Maryland, USA | Hubs: CMH, BNA, BWI| Founded: 2003


E.B Aviation

E.B Aviation

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Group E | Yes | IATA: YE | ICAO: YES | Callsign: YES | HQ: Your mom's house | Hubs: Your mom's basement, Your grandma's house, your sister's house | Founded: 407 AD

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Group C | Hopper [HP/HOP] | ICAO: HOPPER | HQ: San Francisco | Hubs: SFO, LAX, LAS | Founded: 2013


Hopper was founded on March 3rd, 2013 in San Francisco. The first flight was operated on August 17th from SFO to SMF on an ERJ-135. The airline now operates ERJ-135s and ERJ-145s from SFO and LAX to more than 25 destinations destinations all around the southwest United States. Hopper was founded to make regional travel easier in the southwestern United States. 

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FOUNDED IN 1969, Compass Air Service is a regional carrier based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with its main hub at Minneapolis's Saint Paul International Airport. Operating a fleet of eleven Beechcraft 1900 series aircraft - eight 1900Ds and three 1900Cs - the airline provides air services to 23 destinations across the northern Midwest. The majority of Compass' routes are subsidized by the Essential Air Service (EAS) program, which is largely how the airline profits off operations to small towns with little demand. 

The airline began operations in Milwaukee in 1969 with a pair of BN-2 Islanders, becoming one of the first American operators of the British type. Since then, the aircraft has operated a plethora of small regional aircraft including Twin Otters, Cessna Caravans and Piper 31s. The airline started off linking Milwaukee with Chicago's Midway airport twice a day before branching off to smaller towns, where the grass airstrips were ideal operating environments for the airline's high-winged twin engine aircraft. Compass signed an interline agreement with Valiant Airways nearly a decade later in in 1978, providing feeder services into the mainline carrier's Milwaukee hub to provide greater transcontinental service connections to the northern contiguous United States. The airline began expansion out of Minneapolis after Valiant began shrinking its Milwaukee hub in the 1980s, where a majority of Compass operations occur today.

Today, the airline maintains a close connection with Valiant, enjoying codeshare privileges on most Valiant flights out of Milwaukee and Minneapolis. In 2020, the airline placed an order for five Tecnam P2012s.





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