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ASEAN open skies policy

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This could probably be in AE4. But I want to see more  open skies updates as ASEAN (South East Asia) has had a open skies policy in 2015

Source: https://www.aseanbri...plemented-2015/





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I haven't heard about this before but I don't think it is on the same level as the EU single aviation market.





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It is not entirely applicable to all routes: see https://en.wikipedia...Aviation_Market

"It is geared towards the development of a unified and single aviation market among ASEANmembers in Southeast Asia projected to begin 1 January 2015, though all agreements have not been signed.[1]"


"The plan was for all carriers from ASEAN to enjoy unlimited third, fourth and fifth freedom operations within the region. However, after deadline was passed in early 2016, three ASEAN members—the Philippines, Indonesia and Laos—reluctant to ratify the full agreement. Currently, Indonesia remains opposed to opening up its secondary cities, the Philippines has excluded Manila from the agreement and Laos has yet to free up Luang Prabang and the national capital Vientiane.[6]"

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