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Airline: Koreania (I couldn't come up with a good korean name)

Country of origin: South Korea

Aircraft (maximum 2): 777-300ER and 787-9 (GE)

Colours: Mostly White with equal parts red and blue

Airline type (Cargo, LCC, Legacy etc.) Flag Carrier

Logo (example Qatar Airways’ oryx): I was thinking a Taegeuk logo but I think that makes it too similar to Korean Airlines IRL, so you decide.

Decade: 2010s

Any other notes: It should follow East Asian design principles and represent Korean culture since it's a flag carrier.

Boeing 777-236ER

Boeing 777-236ER


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I will get to work on “Koreania” and PNA soon, I hope to have them finished by the weekend.



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Would be thankful if you made one or two for Elite Air.

Airline: Elite Air

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Aircraft (maximum 2): Boeing 707 and Airbus A300 (reason for this is because both were the 1st airliners for these 2 competitors, i wanted to do Concorde aswell, and if the maximum was more, i would have added it for sure)

Colours: Blue and Green, Green for safety and Blue cause why not, my 2nd favorite color

Airline type (Cargo, LCC, Legacy etc.): Full Service

Logo (example Qatar Airways’ oryx): Anything that is modern.

Decade: current

Any other notes: N/A




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Hello, Is it possible for you to make me a livery for my airline, Plummet Airlines, it is a fictional airline from the GTA universe, I would like a DC-10, and a il-62, Convair 990A Coronado and or L1011 if you do not have the time a DC-10 and an il-62 would suffice. Below are some reference logos, thank you. l1011 would fit the logo nice on the tail.


Could you make the front look a bit more professional, the wave effect and the cowling on the engines silver. The livery should be located in the linked forum below.





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If you're still doing this I would really appreciate it


Airline: Ascend Airways

Country of Origin: Portugal

Aircraft: Airbus A319neo or A321neo

Colors: Black, White, and Silver

Airline type: Low Cost

Logo: White outline of a Dodecahedron

Decade: Early 2020's (present)

Notes: The tail and end of the plane (behind the final door) is black with two silver lines running in front of the end of the black. The rest of the plane is white. Text for the airline on the plane is black



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Airline: Phoenix Airlines

Country of origin: U.S.A, San Francisco

Aircraft (maximum 2): Airbus A330-300

Colours: orange, yellow and red

Airline type Full Service

Logo: A Phoenix

Decade: 2020s

Any other notes: phoenix should be geometrical



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Airline: Freeland Airlines

Country of origin: Freeland

Aircraft (maximum 2): 737-800, 777-200

Colours: Red, Light Blue, Orange, and Green

Airline type (Cargo, LCC, Legacy etc.) Legacy 

Logo (example Qatar Airways’ oryx): (Attached with message)

Decade: 2007-Present

Any other notes: Attached current version of the livery (On a 757) for reference.


The website is actually FNA.com.fl, not Freelandairlines.fl

Freeland Airlines is in SkyTeam, not Star Alliance.


If you need any more info, let me know



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Federal Republic of Freeland



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Airline:  AirAotearoa

Country of origin: New Zealand 

Aircraft (maximum 2): Either a 777-300ER or A321-200 (just need one)

Colours: Black and Blue (Blue HEX code is #00247D)

Airline type: A Hybrid Airline similar to AirTransat

Logo: A silver fern (similar to the Air new Zealand one)

Decade: 2010

Any other notes: Maybe a design similar to ANA touching the whole fuselage 



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i think thread is closed





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Any help here would be much appreciated.


Airline: Liberty Jet

Country of origin: USA

Aircraft (maximum 2): 737800 

Colours: Blue & White

Airline type : Legacy

Logo (example Qatar Airways’ oryx): United / Jetblue

Decade: 2000-2030 cycle 

Any other notes:


Logo: Freedom to fly


Many thanks in advance!

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