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Tips to make better/more professional liveries?

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Hey guys. I just joined a few days ago and I've been posting liveries since yesterday. For full disclosure, I do my liveries entirely in Photoshop. I have very limited experience with Illustrator. I've been noticing my liveries seem out of place with many other's liveries. Furthermore, my liveries have gotten mixed reviews.


Are there any resources can use to further my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator, and thus my design process of my liveries? I want to experiment with dynamic shapes and designs, but I only have basic knowledge. 


TL;DR I want to make my liveries as good as everyone else's.


Can anyone making these kinds of liveries give me advice?

(I posted this on the livery forum before this one just in case that isn't where it's supposed to go)

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Photoshop/Branding Tips


  • Remember to perspective warp your text, ensures your text gets the 'curved' effect around the circular fuselage. 
  • Ensure your layering is correct.
  • Include a background, scroll around the gallery to see some of the examples that people use.
  • Refer from but don't copy liveries from real-life, they are often great references.
  • Create your own logos, make them unique.
  • Create a small blurb of what we call 'lore', which is basically the history of the airline/aircraft.
  • Explore different templates, there are some more complex ones throughout the livery sub-form. 
  • Make sure your livery matches your brand idea! Low-cost carriers often have simplistic liveries compared to mainline carrier.
  • Post at most twice a day, ensures you are putting a good amount of time into your designs.

Keep practicing, you'll get better! My first liveries were basic, but I progressed and learned. Don't give up, and ask for help/feedback where you need it. People on the forums here are good critics, they will help you get better and better through their feedback and comments.




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Learn Illustrator or Inkscape, they're super useful when designing logos for your airlines.

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