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It seems like here on AE there's a trend toward emphasizing more elements on a livery as better, so I'm puzzled as to why minimalism tends to get a bad rap. In the real world there are a handful of airlines that have gone the other way when it comes to defining their identities, encouraging a "less is more" approach even if some people may disagree with that idea.

If minimalism can work in real life with good execution, why can't it work on AE?



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Do you know eurowhite style?


Anyway i think could be a interesting factors:

  • Personal choise. 
  • Historic.
  • Country style.


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It doesn't work on AE because people here treat livery making as a way to show off their graphic design skills, even though minimalistic designs are really hard to nail down.



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I mean, that's depend on what you consider elaborate or minimalist. For the record, most AE liveries are, in fact, eurowhite; some more than others, but at the of the day, they are eurowhite. Of course, there are some more "artistic" liveries, but there are these kinds of liveries in real life as well, mostly LCCs, charters. Brands on AE are based on real-life airlines, so is not that hard to see the similarity with real liveries.

There is a big difference between a minimalist livery and a lazy livery. You gotta put a lot of effort to pull out a good minimalist livery because you gotta have a strong corporate identity to sustain the brand alone. This is something hard to see on AE and in real life. That's why most liveries have some more details

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