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Airbus A350-900/ULR Range

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I'm not complaining that the range of the A350 is what it is, but with the A350-900ULR in the game, is it possible to have the ranges of the A359 tweaked to match it's real work counterparts? The A350-900 IRL has a range of about 8100nm, while ingame it has one of 9537nm. The A350-900ULR has a range of 9700nm but in game has a range of 9520nm which is less than the standard A359 in the game. Any chance someone would be able to do a quick change for future server restarts?



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Take in mid like 3 factors:


Ferry range.

MTOW range.

Engine options.

Airline customisation.


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Very true. Thanks for that. 



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I do feel like a distinction needs to be made between the models. Same with the 777-300 and 777-300ER v.s. the massive difference between the 777-200, -200ER, and -200LR variants. Most players in this game would pack aircraft well past their normal capacities in real life, and premium-heavy cabins aren't really that viable in AE. Either demand should be tweaked a bit (not sure if that would ever happen lol) or, an "easier" solution for a rather moldable community, just hardcode different range values and force the playerbase to adapt. Almost nobody would make a "light" A350-900ULR when they can pack it full with seats.

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