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I think advertising is a bit overpowered...

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All it takes is maxed out spending on the top 2 categories + 2% spending on the third, and boom, that's like a 15-20% boost to your reputation. Anyone can have an airline with 100 reputation if they wanted to simply by having enough flights and destinations and spending a dime and nickel on advertising. Hell, I got 100% reputation in my previous game world with most of my flights operating with scam IFS and planes that were nearly at full capacity and hardly any downtime. Getting 100 reputation should be hard and rewarding, not a matter of "it's good enough, call in the advertising boys."

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I agree and honestly at times I'll never spend a penny on advertising until like the last year of the game and finish with 100% reputation, but also I usually have my reputation at 90% anyway. 

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