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Lesson 2 for new players

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Welcome back to lesson 2 for the new players.

If you haven't seen lesson 1, click on the link to view it as it explains the basics




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First of all select your aircraft and airport, try to go for an airport that can serve any type of aircraft and go for one that has a very low fee. For the aircraft pick the one that has a very low monthly cost and or can go a further distance.




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Click configure in flight services (ifs) and if you are a new player you should start with a scam ifs, which is basically charging outrageous prices for crappy stuff.




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Click create a new config and start you first ever scam ifs to save money.




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It should look something like this.




Attached File  Scam ifs accessories.png   28.9KB   0 downloads


Finally do the same for the accessories and if you want to save money just go for these 2 as shown in the picture.



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Once you have completed it, click on view costs and rating and you should get your rating. Obviously your rating will be low since its a scam, but you can change it later when you are financially healthier.



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One more thing before we move on, make sure you set the employee wage to the lowest possible as you will save money by doing so. Change it when you feel you are financially better.



                                                                            Creating the route


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Click on aircrafts to view the number of hours you have and to see how much money you are making on the aircraft you have. Obviously when you are starting out there will be nothing there, but all you need to do to make a profit is to make a route.




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Open these two sections on a new tab.


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This will let you look at your route map and when you start adding routes it will have orange lines, but to get those we need to open the route management.


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This is where you can create your routes, so go back to the route map find a location and put them into the route maker and click research route


.Attached File  your first route.png   154.5KB   0 downloads

Once you click Research route it should bring you here, if you are new you would want to avoid competition like shown below


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But if you are struggling to find routes with 0 to no competition then you must compete. Then lease a gate and click add flights to start creating the route.



Attached File  creating the route part 3.png   13.34KB   0 downloads

Select your aircraft and then click on show aircraft.



Attached File  adding flights to your new route.png   34.22KB   0 downloads

Then you must select the weekly number and you must try and get it close to the number to make a profit, in my case it was 80 so I got it close to that and didn't go over 80, if you don't have competition you will make a profit, but if you do you will have a negative figure so you must change that.



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Since there is competition I must change the price, but first I will see what my competitor has his price at.


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As you can see by clicking on competition you will be able to see what your competitor has his price at. Then you must lower it to try and attract more customers and to lower the price just click on market reseach, find ticket price and change it and press save or enter on your keyboard.


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As you can see my profit is not very good but I tried to change it and this is the best I could get, If I am making a really bad loss I might cancel the flights altogether and close the route.



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If there is no competition it should look like this and you don't need to mess around with the price, but if you want to try and see if you can increase your profits go ahead then.


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and when you complete your first route you should see an orange line. Continue creating routes until you have used up your plane.


To know when you used up your plane you must click on Aircrafts and then you will see your hours, when you first start or get a new plane it will be at 140 hours. And you should aim to get it down to 0-1 hours.

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This is when you finished creating all the routes. When this happens all you need to do is either go the the used market to find the plane you started with, so it can be delivered instantly, if that is not possible then you must go to the buy new aircraft section and either get aircrafts that you started with or get a new family because they are no longer selling and you can't find them on the used aircraft market. Once you find the plane you want follow the instructions and you should have your planes delivered in 2 , 3, 4, or 5 weeks depending on what plane it is. At this point you must wait for the planes to arrive before you can start creating routes. You must take out a bond if you are unable to afford the planes, but by taking a bond your credit rating will decrease, which mean you can lease less planes and have to wait a while for it to go up. Take out 1 bond of 5 million and 2 at the very least but no more than that, as you will fall down the ranks while your competitors go up.






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