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Best Home Country?

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I just wanna have suggestions. My first airline was set in Palm Beach and Hartford, in the US. It was good, but I wanna see if there is any better ones.


Any suggestions?



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Mine favorite is either the us or France



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India is filled with high demand, both domestically and internationally. They're like the US, but without the competition from 50 other airlines.



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Japan is good due to low ratio of competition to pax



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I’m not really sure there is a wrong answer. You just have to fly where there is the least competition. Here are a few places I have tried:
-India, this works sometimes, but I have also seen worlds where there are 5+ major Indian carriers. That can be annoying.
-Japan, is very good and there are a huge number of domestic airports that still have relatively high demand.
-Middle East/Arabian Gulf (meaning Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman) - each of these countries has one (except UAE which has 2) major airports which work well as a base. Demand to India is also quite good. Note each country can really only sustain one airline so don’t start one if there is already on there.
-Brazil, this is similar to India in that it can sustain multiple airlines so there is a risk of competition, but if you can get it to yourself it can be quite lucrative.
-Singapore, similar to Arabian Gulf benefits from having a large airport. Again can’t really sustain multiple airlines easily. Malaysia and Thailand could also work similarly.
Also if you aren’t seeking to have a major carrier if could be useful to go to some small country an run a small airline. You’ll have no competition most likely.

I wouldn’t recommend going to the US or Europe as they have high competition which can be very frustrating. In the US you can pretty much guarantee you’ll have competition on all major routes late game. Still if you enjoy the challenge you can still be profitable there.



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Russia is great tho



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I would recommending countrys which are perfectly placed between two continents.

  • Colombia, the greatest Airport of South America + Position between North America and rest South America
  • Turkey, alone Istanbul has very great demand + other Airports such as Antalya
  • Gulf States especially VAE and Qatar as Goose Spitte mentioned
  • Singapore, with Changi
  • South Korea, two grand airports, one very great airport, near to China

Medium recomendable

  • India, huge demand, many airports but it´s always a bit of a suprise egg, because sometimes your alone, sometimes you have to fight some heavy competition
  • Brazil, on the first look great, three greater airports and roundabout a dozend medium airports, but your running relative quickly out of short and medium haule routes with demand, due to lack of larger airports in the other countrys besides of the capital in south america and even Miami is 4000 Miles from Sao Paulo away,

Not recomendable

  • China, very high possibility of harsh competition
  • Entire Anglo-American room due to extrem high competion caused by high density of players from that region


This what i can say bases on my long experience of playing this game.

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