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Design Contest 2020: Raising the Dead [Airlines] Edition

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Greetings, aspiring aviation brand designers!


I've noticed several interesting design challenges over the last several months - showcasing quite a bit of creativity. And, in the spirit of keeping things interesting, and giving a nod to the upcoming Independence Day, I thought we might mix it up a little bit by injecting a bit of the real world into the contest and see what we come up with.


We're all familiar with the big names in American aviation - United, American, Delta, Southwest, Jetblue, Spirit, Alaska, Hawaiian. But, over the years, we've lost even more big names to mergers, bankruptcy, etc.


Your challenge is to bring back a name from American aviation history, providing an updated branding (logo/livery) suitable to the current age. What would Pan Am look like in 2020? How about TWA or National? What might have been the next livery for Northwest or Continental or US Airways? Now all those questions are up to you.


Submit entries by 5:00 PM EDT on Sunday, July 12 (two weeks from today). Entries will be put to a public vote to determine the winner. I'll refrain from participating, and act as tie-breaker in the event entries receive the same number of votes.


Since the contest will be put to a vote, I'll refrain from offering too many restrictions: multiple contestants may choose the same airline, and you've got basically a free hand at choosing your designs. But remember: a company's brand is its identity to the outside world, and is closely tied up in its history. Because of that, you should seek to maintain continuity with a brand's past, while also standing out from the crop of current liveries. 


Good Luck!

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