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Are there any handy reference guides for which aircrafts to use when?

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I've found it confusing to track which aircrafts I should use for which purposes (short, medium, international) in different decades. Does anyone have a reference guide?



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Not meaning to be smart but that sort of thing just comes with experience playing the game. Already having an appreciation of the aircraft and the manner in which it operates or operated in real life also helps. If you're not sure, google an aircraft. Look up it's history, why it was developed, who used it, and how did they used it?

Google the airports you want to fly to. Do some research on what type of traffic they have. Are they regional airports? Do they shuttle pax to bigger hubs?


Just play & learn. You can't break anything, and if you go broke, just start again. That's how you learn. I say this respectfully but don't just expect cheat sheets to save you working things out for yourself.


If you have any specific questions on how the game works, I'm happy to help. Send me a PM if you want. Good luck.



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Yes, it mainly depends on experience and just trying out different aircraft types to find which one suits your airline better under which circumstances.


I'm looking at both your Hacker Air and Freedom Airlines. Generally there wouldn't need that much of a need to operate multiple similar types (E.g. A330/340 and 777-200, A350-800 and 787-8, A320 and 737) until you've reached a large enough fleet that maintenance, etc. doesn't matter.







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