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Any thoughts?

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So I made this quite some time ago with Medviation's 757...


8P_8v-NKDrY (1).jpg


Any thoughts on it?  I'm open to any in case I end up going through with another livery I plan to make.  



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fix the fuselauge text, its too bold and large, it detracts from the rest of the livery

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This is not a terrible start but it could use some improvement. Your big bold text suggests this is a recent livery probably post 2000s but the blocky lines look significantly more dated, depending on which period you intend for your livery I would suggest changing your typeface or turning the fuselage lines into those large swoopy curves modern designers love so much. I also think your tail could use a little work, I assume the airline is a Russian outfit so I would suggest cribbing a bit from one of their smaller carriers or if you can't think of anything good, you could just pull the lines from the fuselage up to the tail. I really like the winglet, good work.

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