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How is that even possible?

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Can someone explain how it's possible to have 856 aircrafts in the third year of operation?


I'm a beginner in AE and I can't even imagine to have more than 200... Is it possilble to play "newgame+"?

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 If you click on the airline you will see his fleet composition. A few hundred of those planes are relatively inexpensive types and have only a one week (or even less for the BN Islander) delivery time, so it's easy to amass a large fleet pretty quickly. They don't necessarily make much money but it looks intimidating to newer players. He probably also checks the used market every 5 minutes and just clicks on anything & everything. Once you have an established revenue flow and growing bank balance, you can do that too.


He's an experienced player who will probably do 10,000+ planes. He's probably out to prove himself and assert total dominance since I beat the pants off him in the previous round of the same game world. I'm currently trying to resist the temptation to do it again. He's good, but he's not unbeatable.

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