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Let the Star Guide You

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bullet_point.pngThe Polaris Alliance was founded on February 21, 2000 by major carriers TransCanadian, Croatian Airways, and Paulistano. From its headquarters in Geneva to the rest of the world, Polaris's mission and objective is to solely strengthen the global connectivity of the industry's most loyal customers. For years, the alliance has striven to bring passengers from point A to point B so flawlessly with ultimate satisfaction and comfort. As an alliance, Polaris prioritizes excellence and embodies the true meaning of what a good travel experience should be.


bullet_point.pngPolaris is also known to treat its member airlines with great care, and thus has evolved into a strong, intimate community. As a unit, we believe that being helpful to one another and remaining active is what can help us move forward. That is why Polaris is one of the few alliances that remains active on a daily basis. As a group of creators, we strive towards portraying a positive image of ourselves setting a standard on how the AE community should be. Polaris is the epitome of how a functioning, hard-working, and diverse group of people should work together. A family is what we call ourselves.


bullet_point.pngIn recent years, Polaris has experienced exponential growth. The census of member airlines continues to increase not just in quantity, but in quality, which helps us march toward the goal of achieving absolute global connectivity while also displaying professionalism and excellence. The Polaris Alliance is proudly making its name for itself across the globe with the help of its loyal airline members. This sums up what we really stand for, which is unity, prosperity, and guidance. So, let the star guide you.



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