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How to Determine how long until a world Reset?

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Is there a tool, or method, that allows you to determine how many hours and days (real time) it will be until a world resets? Or is a "time between two dates" site the best method that's available?

Also, in the last year of a game world, does it end on 31/12/year or 1/1/year?



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It goes off slightly by about half a year like all the time but if you are really that conscious take the reset date to be 1/1
Once a game world overshot by 5 years (about a month in real life) so don’t expect a game world to reset that quickly



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Most game worlds have 20 minute days, a few have 15 minute game days. And each game-month has 24 game-days (don't ask why). So in a 20 minute / day world,  it works likes this:


1 game day = 20 minutes

3 game days = 1 hour

1 month (24 game days) = 8 hours 

1 year = 96 hours (4 days) 

30 years = 120 days (about 4 months) IRL


Game worlds are re-set at the end of their timeline manually by the developer (as far as we know). Sometimes a game world will be allowed to go a little overtime if another world is nearing it's end, then both will be re-set together (the latter one can end early in this case).


Game worlds will therefore generally re-set at the END of the final year, +/- about 6 game-months either early or late. It's not an exact science.



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For specific game days, you can also see that information of the home page once logged into the game world.

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