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Aircraft delivery times

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I was thinking it's so hard to time when you should purchase or lease new aircraft as a new airline. It's very hard to time out how many weeks should it be until I receive new aircraft. I think it should give you an exact time when you purchase or lease aircraft so that new airlines can get there first few aircraft going right after they are received. If there is something I’m missing let me know, I just wish it could say, oh your aircraft will arrive in the many weeks, which is this time (a:m/p:m) in real life. I just think it would make it easier to get new airlines going, and in real life it's in days, but for 20 or 30 minutes a day, getting a real time just makes sense. Let me know if I’m missing something or if someone has an idea to add on to this. I think it would be relatively easy to add, but then again I don't make games.

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