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AirSimWorld: Realistic online airline simulator

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Hey Y'all!


to mods: This is a second thread on it, but since my first thread was more of a teaser that left some people confused on whether the game was out or not, I decided to start a new one. Feel free to remove/lock the other one. 





What is AirSimWorld?


AirSimWorld is a game that has now been in the works for about 2 years, and is a free online airline tycoon type simulator with the aim of achieving ultimate realism. It allows you to manage aircraft configurations, schedules or even create custom classes of service. 


Hey y'all!


It's finally here! The 0.2 update has arrived, although I wasnt able to finish everything I wanted to, most of the features are in and the rest will be implemented over the next few weeks as part of 0.2.x updates. With that said, here is the changelog:


AirSimWorld 0.2 Alpha:

Major Changes:

  • Optimizations of the backend, massive speed improvements over 0.1
    • Some pages improved by as much as 6x the speed, most over double speed
  • Gates, Gate Leases, Terminals
    • All flights are now by default rent slots at airports, which charge per minute gate usage fees
    • Airlines may lease gates for a monthly fee
    • Terminals can be built for a modest fee
  • Alliances
    • Alliances able to share gates
    • Alliances have logos/headers
  • Airline-wide reputation (although the UI for that will be coming as part of 0.2.1)
    • Airline reputation now impacts individual flight reputation
    • Many more aspects are tracked for reputation, including employee morale and effectiveness, on time performance, maintenance record etc.
  • Aircraft Loans and Leases (player to player leasing will be coming in 0.2.x)
  • Staff Management
    • Employee morale/effectiveness effects not just their own effectiveness, but effectiveness of their subordinates or other employees they interact with
    • Different employees have a different effect on different aspects of your airline

Minor Improvements:

  • Map Night Mode
  • Airline Logos/Headers
  • Flight Research finance screen
  • New UI on aircraft order page
  • Aircraft Explorer
  • Rankings page updated with sortable tables
  • Most tables have been made mobile-friendly
  • Some pages now have buttons at the top to make navigation easier
  • Different seats are now able to have different reputation impacts beyond legroom/width (I'll work on adding additional seats later)
  • IFS page now shows the prices of different options
  • Ability to remove airline

Bug Fixes:

  • Its now impossible to delete configuration thats still in use
  • Dark mode dropdowns fixed
  • Aircraft that are out of cycles no longer fly

That should be most of the updates, but there is a bunch that I'm missing. You'll just have to explore to find the rest 😉


Start your airline today at https://airsim.world!


Now that 0.2 is out, I will be taking a week or so off from working on ASW, both because I've been working on it pretty non-stop for the last month and need a break, and to catch up on some IRL stuff. As such, dont expect any updates within the next week or so unless some major bugs come up. I will also be posting an updated thread about features you can expect to see coming up in 0.2.x, 0.3 and 0.4 updates soon.



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looks asome




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Looks neat!  Are you thinking for this to be the modern version / improvement of Airline Empires?  AirSimWorld does seem to take a bit of inspiration from AE.  



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It does, I've told this before but the reason why I made it is because I went to play AE for nostalgia sake, and found that it's basically exactly the same as when I left (well, exactly the same, since there have been no updates) so I decided to do my own take. That said I'd like to think there are different philosophies behind AE/ASW. Namely that with ASW I'm really shooting more for realism than simplicity (hence the fact that you have to make schedules/custom classes and real sitting charts), allowing you to really customize the way your airline works.



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Alright folks, the long awaited 502 fix is here. From this update I will be focusing on working on 0.3 (unless something catastrophic happens). More updates will be posted on the DevBlog subforum, so make sure to keep checking to stay up to date!


AirSimWorld 0.2.2 Alpha

New Features and Improvements:

  •  New Airline Selection Screen
  •  Adsense Optimizations
  •  Better Logging (doesnt dump all in one file anymore, support for error codes)
  •  Increased cost of terminal construction
  •  Ability to extend/terminate leases

Bug Fixes

  •  Fixed no form validation on new airline screen #135
  •  Fixed the 502 bug # 133
  •  Fixed world leak bug on airport page
  •  Fixed terminals past Z not being named properly #139
  •  Fixed unassignable gates error when changing schedules #137
  •  Fixed Configurations unable to be deleted bug #122
  •  Fixed aircraft registration crashing with certain countries #140
  •  Fixed leases expiring prior to aircraft delivery #133
  •  Fixed ranking page not displaying properly bug
  •  Fixed leases not working properly bug
  •  Fixed Gate Slots page under facilities not working



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Alright folks, since World A (now World A I) is coming to an end soon, and because there are a lot of new people joining the sim every day, I wanted to 'reset' the world slightly early. As such, I am opening up the second iteration of World A now before the old one is fully finished. To be clear World A I will run all the way to world end (Jan 1st, 2020).


World A II (1970-2020):

Start date: January 1st, 1970

End date: January 1st, 2020

Starting cash: $1,000,000

World Speed: 20 min/day (45 min/day for the first week)

Sim rules/difficulty: Normal


Enjoy and good luck with this new iteration!

PS: To get to the new airline screen when you're logged in to another airline, click on your airlines name at the top and click on 'Go To Airline Selection'


In order to get it rolling I also had to push out a minor update, nothing major in this one:


AirSimWorld 0.2.2b

  • Fixed a timezone bug that was causing crashes in certain cases
  • Fixed first aircraft not being delivered instantly when leased or loaned
  • Changed formatting for importing aircraft
  • Added pause on world end



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I cant enter to the page.



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I cant enter to the page.

Me too!



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I cant enter to the page.

After a short time down, We're now back online https://airsim.world/

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