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Integration Proposal for Cargo System

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IY Group

IY Group

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1. Demand control system
AE operates a route demand control system based on the occupancy rate of each airport. This is one of the biggest features of AE, and it is the most important core system. I think this system needs to be twice as heavy as it is. For example, the demand for ICN-HKG routes (this shows a median level demand in ICN). On a B753 basis, there are about 70 to 80 percent of the demand, with 21 A330/B744 similar to A321-200 or larger A330/B744 flights per day (approximately 147 flights per week), on which the average occupancy rate is between 70 to 80 percent.(Excerpts from the Asian economy) Approximately 115 to 118, and although ticket prices are similar, demand tends to be slightly distorted in the AE award. Thus, at a time when demand for cargo is not keeping up with demand for passengers, this demand-control system will deal a heavy blow to cargo plane operations. 
As a result, on a per-airport freight demand basis, it will be necessary to double the weight of the current demand system to enable stable cargo airline operations.
2. Uniformity of standards
Aircraft containers are divided into 'LD' and 'MD' containers and pallets. In order to address this complexity, the unification of the criteria should be achieved by adding the total load weight together in t(Ton).
3. Used entry conversion function
For the medium meat conversion function, three types are proposed.
(1) Airline maintenance window
In various locations including SWIRE Group HGH Service Center, Korean Air Lines Aero & Defense Dept. Kimhae Service Center, etc., passenger goods can be converted to cargo materials through maintenance windows. Here we propose the option of switching to a cargo plane at 10% or more of the aircraft residual value (but only where there are more than 100 gates). Depending on the airline's nationality, it may go abroad for maintenance. However, the price increases.)
* Effects
- as stated in value
- 10% increase in listed service charges
(2) Israel IAI Specialized Investigation
There are professional adaptors such as IAI. They are cheaper to supply than aircraft developers like Boeing, but they are slightly more expensive. However, it increases the value of the item. 100% of the residual value is paid. (However, if the price of the new material is exceeded, only the difference between the new material price and the remaining value of the new material shall be paid.)
* Effects
- 50% increase in the value of the new material (However, if the price of the new material exceeds the price of the new material, the value of the new material is the same.)
- Cut the age of entry by 50%.
- Reduced service charge due to reduced age of entry
(3) Aircraft manufacturer such as Boeing
Boeing is famous for asking high prices for aircraft modifications. That's what's under Airbus Group. 
4. Combine and load cargo onto cargo

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It’s tough okay to implement so many things. I’ve also thought this way but take into consideration the programming required, and the high level of AI required. This game is more than 10 years old, bear with it, and most of the features in place now has been around since 2012/2013, as goes with most of the development. Right now Yuxi is the only moderator active, and he is getting less and less active. This game is not dying, but development has come to a halt.



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development has come to a halt.

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