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AE could add subsidiaries - branches of an airline


Lufthansa has EuroWings, Air France has HOP!, etc.

Money would be shared between the parent and subsidiaries, aircraft, employees, etc.

I think this would make a great feature, any comments are welcome!



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Even though development for this game is basically non-existent, I would like to see Subsidiaries in the game however I don't think money should be shared between the Parent and Child airlines and rather that the Parent Airlines gives the new "child" airline a starting set of cash and some aircraft so that it can start operations, where it will then operate as it's own airline but it will still have access to "hopefully" the parent airline's hubs, terminals, and connecting passengers as this new child airlines tries to survive in the aviation market. However we probably need other things to be added as-well as we need to answer some important questions on how subsidiaries will work, mainly on if they will be considered a separate airline internally, how many subsidiaries should an airline be allowed to operate, and how should we prevent the feature of subsidiaries from being abused by potential spam-liners.

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well.... Spam liners will abuse it. 

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