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hi, new player

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hi everyone, i just started playing yesterday, and it is a lot to take in for someone not familiar with all the lingo and what not


my first question is when i went through the tutorials yesterday it suggested going to the sandbox one first so i did that and followed that to name my first flight, but when i leased 5 more aircraft i did not see anything for naming them


2nd question is i see a lot of references to others saying what world they are in and i dont know how to know where to find that


3rd question is i see a lot of reference to the wiki help page, but when i clicked on the link in the tutorials it came up as unfound page and when i go to it under guides and reference and try to sign in it says my user name is not valid and the wiki page itself shows that it has not been updated since 2013, is there a newer one or what


also any videos i try to find about the game seem to be about 3 to 5 years old and i would like to know if there are any updated ones


i would appreciate any help and guidance on each of these and thank you in advance



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Sadly the game has been out of development for several years now. Yes, new aircraft are being added but thats about it. So dont expect any new tutorials soon :P





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Hi New Player, welcome to the game.


The best way to learn is just to click on stuff & see what happens. You wont know everything at first & that's ok. You can kill & re-start your airline/s any time. We've all been there.


When you click on the green "my airlines" button on the home screen, it takes you to... your airlines! At the top of the screen in the yellowish bar is a thing that says "all worlds". If you click on that, it shows you all the game worlds & there's a button to click on to join the world. This answers your question 2.


The games worlds are all labelled (eg, R1, O2, etc), and they operate in different time periods. This affects what planes you can use. For example, you can't use an A320 in a game world in the 1960's! Likewise, you wont see DC-10's if your game world starts in the year 2000. Most game worlds also have specific limitations, & there are also some "novelty" ones as well for those who want an extra challenge.


It's a simple game but there's way too many quirks to try & tell someone all at once up front. Just have a go & learn by doing. 


Good luck! PM me if you get stuck.

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