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Replace "Change Aircraft" with "Convert to"

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there are now 75 pages of suggestions... I know I should've read all. For the sake of time, just delete this post if it's a duplicate.


My idea is simple:


Instead of having the need to change flights 1 on 1 in the flight list tab, how would it be to select flights and then be able to redistribute this part of frequencies in the same tab as "add flights"?


Some examples:


I recently changed DC-7's with 8C and 75Y frequencies to Britannia's with 14C and 100Y. Before I could do this, I had to count how many frequencies I had to close to hit the demand after aircraft change. With the new feature I could do as follows:


Select all flights, then hit "convert to", which leads me to a  "add flights" like page. On this page I select the aircrafts and number of flights and swoush, these ones replace the flights I selected in the first place.


Other example:


Sometimes I rearrange certain routes, like instead of some frequencies with a single type, I may like to choose two different types to replace a current type.


Let's say I have 10 flights with the old airliner and would like to split it 5/5 with the new aircrafts I have. Currently I would have to do two separate steps. With "convert to" I could select all flights hit "convert to" and then choose type and number of flights in the known list.


Maybe the system could close the selected flights in the background and just add the ones selected afterwards. Don't know how tricky this is to program.


Yes, I know there is hardly any programming ongoing, but hey, AE changed the name of Hamburg Airport after my suggestion! Hope hasn't died for me, yet.

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