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Oofitsnick's Design Shop / Accepting Logo/Livery Requests!

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Hi Everyone!


Soo I'll design some liveries for you. Use this form to request:


Airline name: 


Type of carrier: 






Colours: (Optional):


Registration (Optional)


Notes (Optional):




Examples of my work










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That's very generous of you! I've never requested a livery before, but I think I'll dip my toes in this time.


Airline name: National Hockey Air (NHA) in O2


Type of carrier: Specialized service between NHL cities and nearby airports. In-game it's almost 1967, so I'm going to be growing from 6 cities to 12 very soon.


Location: HQ is Toronto, Canada (YYZ), but services operating solely between Canada and the USA. Hockey cities only.


Aircraft: Douglas DC-9-30. Just getting it next year in game time!


Colours: (Optional): Black and orange.


Registration (Optional)


Notes (Optional): Likely going to carry the livery over to O1 for a similar themed run too when that world resets. Here's the logo that I'm borrowing my look from, and some other inspiration.



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Airline name: SkyLook

Type of carrier: Short haul and long haul carrier

Location: Frankfurt

Aircraft: A320-200 And 737-700

Colours: (Optional):Red and Gold

Registration (Optional): D-GUKZ and D-EYXU

Notes (Optional):SkyLook its a growing airline



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Airline name: Tachyon Airlines

Type of carrier: International out of Xian and Kunming

Location: Xian, Kunming

Aircraft: a330-800neo

Colours: (Optional): black, silver

Registration (Optional):

Notes (Optional): tachyon is a faster than light particle



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Airline name: Portugal Airlines

Type of carrier: Flag carrier of portugal

Location: Lisbon and Porto

Aircraft: A330,A320,737-900,A318+ And much more.

Colours: Light green and dark green and white.

Registration: CS-XXX Key: One X,optional letter.

Notes: This airline has more than 200 routes.



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Thanks very much for the offer to design a livery.

Airline name: World Airways

Type of carrier: A massive airline with 1500 aircraft. Mostly long haul international

Location: A modern, western airline operating out of Beijing

Aircraft: 747-400 or 777-200

Colours: (Optional): Black and silver or gold like Etihad.

Registration (Optional):

Notes (Optional): if possible, a logo for an alliance that follows the same theme (World Alliance). I’ve attached my current look and another style I like, but happy for your suggestions.

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