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How to make a creative livery

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Hello AE community, forgive me if this isn't the correct category, but I would just like to figure out how people make such creative and wonderful liveries for their virtual airlines. I have tried my best to get inspiration from real-world airlines and some amazing liveries I have seen on here, but I'm always afraid if I take to much inspiration from these they might end up just being a re-skin of a current airline. Often my liveries come out looking very simple, bland, and boring, but my company might have a decent backstory and logo. So I'm just interested to know, how do people come up with cool designs?


Here is an example of some of what I have made, and I'm trying to give this airline a complete rebrand, I'm just having trouble coming up with a livery that's stylish and modern.





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Just put your mind and think, play around with different designs until you find what you like the most, try looking at multiple liveries and putting your favorites together, ask some of your friends for feedback, etc. I usually come up with a simple design, play around with it, show it to some of my friends who might be online at the time of making, ask them for opinions and if they feel something should be changed, if they think something should be changed I'll change it and show it to them afterwards. In one word, it's just imagination.



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When the user giving advice has fewer posts than the user asking for it  :lol:


Anyway, that Icy Airways livery is pretty damn creative. Judging just by that image it seems you may be a lot better at this than you think you are!



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If you have to ask "how do I be creative" then I think that's the heart of the problem.


Also remember that words like "stylish", "modern", "creative" are ultimately subjective and thus mean absolutely nothing.


You think Massimo Vignelli came up with the branding scheme AA used for five decades in one take? The biggest problem I find on AE is the fact that folks do one version of a livery and call it good, and that's now how good work in a creative field comes about. My advice is this: Do one version, wait a day, look at it again, and change what needs changing (because I can guarantee you'll see things that need changing), then wait another day. Rinse, cycle, repeat until you're satisfied with the results.

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