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i have an A320-200 that shows 114 hours, yet when i try to expand or open a new route, i get no available aircraft.

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Your aircraft can't fly between two sets of airports, then two different sets of airports.


ie: You can fly from JFK-SFO, and also JFK-LAX, but you cannot fly JFK-SFO then BOS-ORD.

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Okay so there are a few reasons
Your aircraft requires a long runway (not in your case)
The airport has restrictions (not in your case)
The aircraft does not have enough hours (not in your case)
The aircraft does not have enough range (not in your case)
The airports does not match up. Let’s say you have a flight, departure CDG and arrival LHR. Your next route in order for that aircraft to be able to fly must either start/end at CDG or LHR. Hence, you can fly CDG-AMS, or LYS-LHR, but you cannot do ORY-MAN
Explanation: think of your aircraft as this way:
Let’s say your flights are CDG-LHR and MLH-LHR. Your aircraft can fly CDG-LHR, then from LHR back to MLH, back to LHR, and back to CDG. If you want your flights to originate from different airports, then why not add a flight from any of your departure/arrival airports to the airport you want to depart/arrive from?

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