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Alliances in Forum

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Betty Marilyn Smith

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I have been playing this game for half a year now, and I keep noticing alliances in forums and alliance requests. May I know what is the advantage of joining an alliance in the forum (not ingame) and how can I create an alliance?



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Well, first and foremost, most alliances in the forum are dead. Many (with the exception of DWA, Venture, Unitedwings, and Aloft) have been inactive for quite some time, and have seen little if any meaningful content published on the forums within the past year or so. 


Joining one of these alliances mainly serves a purpose in the Gallery, in which cooperation with an alliance adds both prestige and realism to the brands published there (after all, if you're making fake airlines, you might as well make fake alliances to accompany them). Most also run their own private, member-only alliances in the Realistic worlds, so there's that advantage as well. One of the least-spoken benefits of joining a forum alliance, however, is the community aspect. As "elitist," "preoccupied," and "snobbish" as some perceive alliance members, a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and openness exists, whether that's for help and suggestions or just talking about what's on your mind to a group of like-minded people. 


As to how to create an alliance, I'm not exactly sure. The mods haven't exactly been all too active on this forum, and taking over a dead alliance is just about impossible. If you haven't noticed, joining an alliance isn't much easier. You (mostly) need to establish a presence on the gallery for realistic, appealing brands over time and to get to know a few members before your application is seriously considered. Regardless, it's a process that pays off in the long run.




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