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Hi, I'm a beginner

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I have read the tutorial for beginners but I would like tips to improve my company as my reputation is very low and I don't have a lot of money.



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Okay don’t care about your reputation when starting
It will always be low as you don’t have enough routes okay
And if you have many there will be low frequencies

What you should do is to start with IFS, IFE, and cabin configuration
You should also stick to only one aircraft at a time to reduce aircraft maintenance costs



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My advice is be careful what country you start in. Some are easier then others. Try and stay away from the USA.

Try and stay away from routes with competition while your starting out. Once your established, you can start to compete for routes.

The first year or so are the hardest. once you start making a DOP of around 2 or 3 million, it should get easier.

Lastly, set smaller goals. Instead of thinking you're going to get in the top 3 airlines, try to be the 1st airline in your country. Or try to be the top 100. I know this sounds easy but it takes a while to get the hang of the game. It took me about 5 different trys to finally get my airline to stay afloat.

Good luck. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need help running it or have anymore questions.

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