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Wings of Duty: WWII.

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    Delta II rocket: February 1989-September 2018. You will be misse

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Anyone else play it? It's basically War Thunder for mobile devices (both iOS and Android). You can choose between airplanes and tanks, and US, Japan, Britian, and Germany. By shooting down enemy airplanes, or bombing ships, you get X P, used for upgrading your airplanes (and sometimes, you can get new aircraft with X P). You can also buy gold, used for getting new airplanes. You can convert freely from gold to x p, but there are limits converting X P to gold. And it is multiplayer based. Also, you can create your own server in one of many different maps (pearl harbor, midway, battle of britian, etc.), or just join the arcade server. I play by callsign, "JebKerman92".
Also, I highly reccomend you check out "Bros Films" on YouTube. He makes a lot of WoD videos, and some tutorials. I am semi-experienced, so if you have questions/want tips, I can probably help you.
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