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Logo & Livery Request (Oranje & Qattara Airways)

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Hi there :D


So I was hoping someone would be willing to make a logo and a livery for my two airlines. Let me just give a little background for each airline and what i'd like to see:


1. Oranje


Oranje is based in The Netherlands and technically consists of three different airlines mixed into one. The livery/logo would be based on the main Oranje design which more or less has a primary focus on business travel. So the livery should have a very slick and modern approach that definitely comes across as high quality.


In terms of colors of the livery a mix of white, orange, & blue would be great. The aircraft of choice would preferably be a Boeing 737-800 or 737-700. On the rear/tail of the aircraft, I'd love to see the dutch lion used as it is quite representative of The Netherlands.


A few examples of some dutch lion designs:





The logo should also follow a similar approach as the livery. 


2. Qattara Airways


Qattara Airways is based in Egypt and is a full-service high-end airline on par with the big 3 airlines in the Middle East. The name Qattara originates from a region in Egypt. The logo/livery should definitely mirror this high-end airline service. 


The for the colors I was thinking of a combination of white, red & black to mirror the flag colors of Egypt. The aircraft for the livery should either be an Airbus A319 or Airbus A321-200. On the rear/tail of the aircraft, i'd love to see either see an Ankh or the Horus Eye.





Horus Eye:




Thank you soooo much for taking the time to make the logo/livery. I really do appreciate it. I hope i've provided enough information to get a general idea of inspiration however if any information is missing just let PM me :)

Trevor de Verteuil

Trevor de Verteuil

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Gotcha! Whipping them up :) 

Trevor de Verteuil

Trevor de Verteuil

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Haven't started Qattara yet but I went a little extra with Oranje for my own entertainment!

Hope you like!


Game Upload Logo:



Game Upload Livery:






High Res Images:







Enjoy :) 

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